The best time to post on social media is one consideration that will enable you to gain the best reach and engagement from you publishing. Consider the day of the week you publish and what kind of topic you feel your followers will engage with and want to share. No use putting up last nights “Awesome Curry” Instagram image at breakfast time for example. Try social media updates in the AM one week and the PM the following week to determine when your audience of follows is more than likely to see and engage with your content. 

Try posting on the days of the week with various topics that you feel will also engage your followers. For example publish something inspiring or fun on a Monday to help your followers through their start of the week and something Friday afternoon to get them excited about the up coming weekend. Then ask your followers what they are doing for their weekend and watch the conversation start. We all love weekends right?

Another tip is to engage your followers with hot topics and not flop topics. No one wants to ready about boring topics or old topics and make sure your content is delivered with the correct sentiment.

Finally, keep the frequency of your social media posts to the same each day or week. No one likes to wait for the random post from you one they follow or like you. So don’t keep your readers waiting.