My mate Madonna Melrose


  My Mate Madonna Melrose Name: Madonna Melrose Position: Director Business/ Organisation Name: Melrose International  Website: What does Melrose International do? We specialise in accessing the Export Marketing and   Development Grant and the Research and Development Tax Incentive. Companies may be eligible to receive up to 50% back on their business expenditure. What [...]

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My mate Catherine Blackford


  My Mate Catherine Blackford Name: Catherine Blackford Position: Director Business Name: Bindle  Website: What does Bindle do? Bindle is a boutique gift business that blends sustainability with style. Bindle engages local artisans to produce Australian, hand-made, tailored gift packages that incorporate food, wine and design.  Bindle NUDE is a unique service offered [...]

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My mate Meaghan Butler


    My Mate Meaghan Butler Name: Meaghan Butler Position: Website Designer & Content Marketer Business Name: Story Scout Website: What does the business/ organisation do? Everything I do is inspired by making the world a better place for small business owners to work and live. As a solo-preneur, I understand how running a business leaves you with little [...]

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My mate David Sanza


    My Mate David Sanza Name: David Sanza Position: Sales Manager Business Name: ASTA Solutions Website: Q&A What does the business/ organisation do? ASTA Solutions is an end to end IT services company who specialise in Consulting, Managed Services and Software Development. We have been in the industry for 15 years with a [...]

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