Customer Match

Customer Match Advertising

So do you have an existing customer database of email addresses and really understand the true business value of it? With Customer Match you now have the opportunity to reengage existing or old customers and acquisition new, growing your database and the overall value it can bring to your business.

Like a lot of Google advertising products, Customer Match is about positioning your business products and services online where your customers are spending their time if they are not visiting your website.

Customer Match allows you to target your data base customer whilst they are using global portal greats, YouTube, Google Search Network and Gmail. These global platforms have billions of global users, some of which are your existing and new potentially new customers.

Customer Match will help you to strengthen brand visibility to known clients and build new relationships by positioning your business on three of the webs most influential platforms.

Using Customer Match allows you to really understand the true value of customer data in the Adwords space. Customer Match will allow you to:

  • Target customers that know you
  • Exclude existing customers to only reach new customers
  • Reach similar users to that of your active customers

How Customer Match works

  • Upload first party data to Google Adwords
  • Adwords then matches your customer data to Google accounts and will discard non-relevant data
  • You target or exclude you new audience list across devices and channels (YouTube, Google Search & Gmail)

Once eligible, Google Adwords then creates a “similar audience” list from the original email database.

The benefits of Customer Match are simple. You can leverage an existing customer database to easily reengage it to become active customers once again whilst growing the database ongoing.

When using Customer Match within your online digital mix you will generate awareness, influence buying considerations, drive purchases and increase customer loyalty and revenues.