Starting November 2014, Google will have local number call forwarding. What does this mean for advertisers? Basically it means advertisers will have the ability to measure calls generated from their Adword campaigns.

By providing you with a local call forwarding number in place of your own number calls are measured as a conversion from within the Adwords reporting metrics. This is not necessarily a new concept however this is Google’s first real go at it. It will not replace basic call extensions, however it will be a very transparent metric when monitoring the return on investment for Adwords.

When setting call forwarding up on existing Adword campaigns, you will have two phone number options. The first is to use your toll free number and the second is your local phone number with a local area code. Both options will provide you with a call forwarding Google number, which is connected to the local number. Measurement completed.

This exciting new function from Google will appear in the same extensions area of the platform and it will be as easy as selecting your extension type.