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Sarti Tailors

  • Sarti Tailors are a boutique, bespoke store located on Lonsdale St in Melbourne. They came to SMS because they felt their online image was not indicative of their place in the market and wanted a complete new, fresh feel to promote their business.

    SMS brought in photographers and videographers to help cultivate the exact message that Sarti wanted to convey to their potential clients.

    The website video tour was a brilliant production by Point Of View Media (PovMedia) based out of Melbourne. PovMedia are a group of talented creative people that strive for one goal, giving the client above and beyond their expectations.

    Every facet in the media industry is covered, budgets are adhered to, due to the fact that every project is individual and requires different elements to give it that extra visual touch.

    When designing a website for one of Melbourne’s leading tailors we know we needed stunning images of their product. Photographer Prue Aja Steedman from Blue Tree Studios in Port Melbourne certainly delivered on our brief.

    Prue’s main focus is on fashion photography and stylised portraits that empower the subject. After more than ten years, She continues to be blown away by bright, bold colours and love weaving these elements together to create a sense of integrity and strength.

    Prue’s goal is to capture the best of Australia’s fashion industry, alongside the creative professionals who work to bring their own passions to life each day. Whether sustainable, ethical or local designs, she captures each subject in a high-end gaze with straight up snaps!

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