Online reviews and ratings (RR) on products and services for your business has never been more important than now. Search engines such as Google considers the user/ customer experience with measureable RR platforms and accordingly ranks your website.

Genuine customer feedback, increased social engagement, even decreased Google Adword spends are just some of the benefits you will gain by partnering with the right RR platform.

Showing new and existing customers positive star ratings next to your products and services increases conversions by helping consumers make more informed purchasing decisions.

By using an RR service on your website not only will you better understand customer experience and satisfaction levels, you will also build trust and stronger brand credibility. It will also allow you to learn from any negatives and turn them into positives publicly and proudly.

By having regular and genuine customer feedback you will also gain useful insights as to merchant strengths and weaknesses allowing you to focus on the right areas of your business.

If you have active search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns or you sell products and services online, ratings and reviews should be a strong contender for inclusion in next years marketing budget.