Being found online has never been more important for businesses. With over 11.9 billion global monthly searches for products, services and information online, you certainly need to be in the search results and preferably on page one of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Given that over 46% of these searches are conducted on mobile devices, you should also have a responsive website that allows new and existing customers to view your website information.

Have you ever wondered what your website looks like on mobile devices? Here is a link to a great website that allows you to view your website content and information on all of the latest devices.

If when using responsinator you are having trouble viewing your website information, products, services and contact details then it is highly likely so will your potental customers.

If generating online sales, enquiry and leads from your website is important for your business success then a responsive website deisgn is what you will need to get your website found online.