What is your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015?

Have you thought about your digital marketing strategy for 2015? Or even considered what it is you want to gain from having an online presence? Below are a few handy tips that may help you in planning your digital strategy.

Business owners and marketing managers understand more than ever how important it is to have an engaging and informative website but what is the use of all of this time consuming online content and management, if you don’t know what it brings to your business in a measurable return?

Its time to consider your customers and how to ensure your business at fore front of mind as they make their way through the buy cycle. No matter what the product or service, in 2015 the buy cycle nearly always begins with an online search.

More importantly, consider what it is you want that prospect to give you once they have made their way to your website.

A simple tip is to decide upon 1 or 2 goals you would like to achieve once you have someone visiting your website. Would you like them to call you, email you or give you some of their information in order to better qualify themselves for your products and services? It may be as simple as signing up for a newsletter but be sure to set goals and outcomes and then measure them with Google Analytics goal tracking.

Include a strong call to action on all of your goals and don’t make your potential customer go looking for a phone number or enquiry forms. A considered User Experience (UX) website design can easily overcome any issues of online goal abandonment. By having a strong focus around achieving your online goals you will be more inclined to succeed.

If you are actively trying to increase your website traffic you may want to better understand what it is they find interesting and engaging on your website. Google Analytics is perfect to learn where people are on your website how long they are there for, where they came from and so much more. So if you are planning a digital strategy, our tip is to simply measure everything you can in order to lay claim to fame for online business success from your online and offline marketing.

To ensure your potential customers do feel some brand love from you, offer them something relevant to your products and services at no charge.  This will bring them a lot closer to becoming a new customer or client. Offer them some handy tips and information or a website take away offer or incentive.

Our final tip is to simply drive more traffic to your business website. Not just increase the quantity of website visitors but the quality of visitors.  You can again measure time spent on your website and visitor referral sources using Google Analytics. You may find that some visitors are more engaged with your website, products and services from one particular source of website traffic. If so you may like to consider how you can increase this as a part of your online marketing activity. Some ways to increase your website visitors are Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media.