LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to advertise your business on a professional marketing platform. In 2018 it has never been more important to actively use and promote your business through LinkedIn.

If you are seeking leads, strategic partners or to build your brand, LinkedIn boasts more than 450 million professional users globally.

By creating and optimising a business profile and encouraging staff to participate by having their own personal profiles, companies using LinkedIn to research your business will find you easier, better understand your company offerings and how you can assist them.

LinkedIn allows businesses to focus not only about recruitment but around improving sales and increasing new customers in a focused B2B environment. Its perfect for businesses with teams of business development managers, account managers and people with a strong sales focus.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to receive recommendations and reviews from past employees, clients and business partners. Requesting reviews from individuals with whom you have done business, you can increase your credibility with potential business connections. Personal LinkedIn members can also follow companies which keep them up to date and at forefront of mind.

By receiving recommendations and increasing followers on LinkedIn, a company presents a great opportunity to grow their business. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company with numerous positive reviews and followers? LinkedIn allows your business to easily get found, increases credibility and attract new business.

Creating a LinkedIn company profile page will assist in increasing traffic to your website with a link to your site from your company page.

LinkedIn enables you to target and engage over 500 million professional users targeted by job title, function or industry. Using LinkedIn within your media mix allows you to deliver personalised ads to individual inboxes driving more conversions that other media.

Offering five core areas of advertising and internal analytics and tracking LinkedIn is a definite B2B strategy to include within your advertising mix.


We grow businesses through considered digital strategies and measurable outcomes. Contact Us Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

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