Digital marketing can be one of the best – if not THE best – form of marketing a business can do to help expand their online footprint, attract new customers and ultimately grow their business.

This comes down to the fact that it has the capacity to be the most measurable form of marketing a business can do.

Traditional offline marketing strategies like radio advertising, billboard advertising, mail drops and even the yellow pages – whilst they still have their place – are much more of a challenge to accurately determine a Return On Investment.

More and more businesses are recognising the value in investing in their online marketing to attract new clients because they recognise the benefits it brings to their marketing objectives.


Digital marketing is a strategy that involves leveraging the power of the Internet to target your potential customer base through a variety of mediums and channels, to attract a greater volume of interest in your business’ products and or services.

In most cases, this involves attracting potential customers to a website that showcases exactly what you do in such a way that the user is compelled to transact with you and your business.

This process is known as the “sales” funnel and unlike traditional offline methods the digital sales funnel is highly measureable.

By accurately tracking and analysing the behaviour of a business’ ideal clients, we are able to determine critical metrics that are invaluable to a business’ bottom line. Some of these include.

  1. Where a business’ ideal customer can be found online
  2. The volume of visitation a business’ website receives over a given timeframe
  3. The volume of visitation to a business’ website that actually transact with said business
  4. The Cost Per Lead to the business to gain that initial enquiry prior to ‘closing’ the deal
  5. The Cost Per Acquisition to the business to gain that new client.

Comparing this to the real world, imagine you owned a store, within a large shopping centre that sold goods to the public. This store is like a website, and the shopping centre like a (very small) version of the Internet.

  • What if you were able to promote your store only to those who wanted your product?
  • What if you were then able to determine where those people who have entered your store actually came from within the shopping centre?
  • What if you could work out what the costs to you was to attract that person into your store?
  • What if you knew the costs to your business once a percentage of those shoppers transacted with you?

This sort of information would be of enormous value to anyone who owned this type of business. This is the sort of data that an effective digital marketing campaign can deliver to business owners.


This depends on the business in question, but there are several online platforms where effective digital advertising can be extremely effective at helping to identify, and ultimately acquisition new customers for your business. These are.

  • Search Engines, like Google or Bing
  • Social Media platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • 3rd party websites that you can contribute content to in an effort to reach a larger audience
  • Electronic Direct Mailouts, or EDMs, to previous customers or potential new ones.

These online channels constitute an enormous database of your potential customers. Taking a machete to the thicket of noise and helping your message cut through to your target audience is what our team of consultants have more than 50-years combined-experience in achieving for our clients.


Throughout a marketing campaign, we are constantly receiving data and analysing the habits of your ideal customers. Facebook users behave differently and thus respond differently to Google users, so it is critical that these differences are identified and actioned to achieve maximum level of enquiry. Every decision we make when consulting with a company is based on this data.

We use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook’s advertising platform, Google Tag Manager and several third-party pieces of software to check and cross-check the validity of the information we are using as the basis of our ongoing consultations.


We grow businesses through considered digital strategies and measurable outcomes. Contact Us Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

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