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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the by far the most efficient way to reach an audience of potential customer who are using major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to locate products and services.

SEM is predominantly known as the “paid” area of search engine results pages (SERPS). The paid areas include Google Adwords and Shopping across the Google Search Network and Display, Remarketing, Customer Match and Video across the Google Display Network and You Tube.

Adword campaigns are a fast and cost measurable way to drive potential customers to your products and services. Advertisers create engaging Ads and a dedicate group of relevant keywords that when typed into the search engines trigger Ads to appear in the search results pages. Advertisers only pay when a potential customer clicks on the Ad and is sent to the Advertisers website landing pages.

Adword campaigns can target specific geographical locations and timed to appear during dedicated times of the day. These optimisations and many more assist in targeting individuals who are within allocated locations and that are more inclined to convert into a paying customer.

Display & Remarketing campaigns are banner creatives that can be designed and scheduled to appear across the Google display network. These banners appear on websites that have relevant & targeted content increasing brand awareness and driving qualified website visitors to the advertisers website.

Remarketing also works after a website visitor has left the advertisers website. Banner creatives appear in front of individuals who have visited an advertisers website to keep their brand, products and services at forefront of mind increasing the opportunity to make a sale or enquiry.

SEM Reporting Portal

SEM campaign services available from major search engines enable advertisers to position their website in front of potential customers easily and can be researched, written and deployed in a speedy fashion. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) SEM can be an efficient way to increase enquiry and sales in the short term when businesses seek a more efficient way to increase revenues.

SEM is by far one of the most measurable advertising mediums available to businesses in the digital age. Proving that SEM is working for your business can be easily achieved using tools such as Google Analytics and custom reporting portals that show case clearly campaign activity and outcomes. This enables advertisers to better understand metrics such as cost per lead (CPL) and cost per customer acquisition (CPA).

SEM connects potential clients directly with your business thus making it an effective form of marketing and advertising. Both large and small businesses can target a wide audience for a fraction of traditional advertising costs. With so many consumers flocking to the Internet to source information, product and services reviews and to ultimately purchase something, it is more important than ever that your business is easy to find online.

Site Marketing Solutions work closely with their clients to research, write, deploy and measure campaigns across a wide variety of business sectors helping advertisers to increase sales and brand awareness. We also provide our clients with our very own unique reporting portal that can be accessed any time to monitor and report on campaign activity and outcomes. The reporting portal is also used during monthly campaign reporting meetings with our clients to ensure KPI’s are being met and a visible return on investment is being achieved.


We grow businesses through considered digital strategies and measurable outcomes. Contact Us Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

Site Marketing Solutions are a Melbourne based, full service digital agency specialising in search marketing and online development.

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