Why do you Need a Mobile Responsive Website? The Big G says so that’s why.

Finding products and services on search engines like Google has certainly been a game changer for both the consumer and other offline media types. In some cases it has made it near impossible for other media to even compete with advertising revenues down year on year.

The change to the consumer digital search has even prompted long time print media giants such as Yellow Pages (Sensis), to jump on the digital advertising bandwagon and not only develop online business directories for its readers but to also offer search engine marketing services to their existing offline advertising customers. Yellow Pages may not be the best at it nor sell the solution well but they needed to consider the “search trends” of their readers and make the move to online. Smart move that!

This all started a very long time ago, fast track to 2015 and “search” is apart of everyday life. This of course is timed perfectly with the arrival of our friend “the smart phone”. Put these two digital nuggets of gold together and you get a global mobile search mass in the billions every day.

What does this mean for the advertiser wishing to reach their online customer by appearing in the Google search results pages? It now means you must have a mobile responsive website. Its that simple. A website that will respond to the device being used to view your website content and information.

Google recently released a very relevant update to its mobile search algorithm and one of the biggest changes to the total Google Algorithm in years.

As of 21st April 2015 the responsive nature of your website is now the most considered factors for appearing in the Google search engine results pages (SERPS). On top of that, the less responsive your website is the lower you will appear in search results. A potential goodbye to organic visitors for some big businesses unless they react and prepare their website for mobile. In some cases and on some platforms like WordPress, this may be as simple as a re design and upgrade of the website theme. In other cases it may be back to the drawing board to design and develop a new responsive website from scratch.

The real question for a website owners is, “how important is the organic website visitation to your business revenues?” If you generate leads and enquiry through organic website visitors then the next move is an obvious one right?

Globally over 60% of searches are conducted on a mobile device. In some locations in the USA this number is even higher. In our own little Australian backyard is certainly no different with around 48% of searches for products and services conducted online were on a mobile device.

Its never too late to design a responsive website for your business and as search marketers, we actually highly recommend you do.